Invict Us by S&F Cologne 100ml Spray

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Product Overview

This handmade perfume/cologne is created by S&F and smells similar to a famous scent, hinted at by the name.

Presented in a White Glass Bottle with fine atomiser sprayer.  

Why Stratton & the best choice for an alternative to famous mass-market brands.

We've seen other "inspired by" perfumes and colognes out there, and we only wanted to make our own if we could do the best we possibly could.  We want to make a better product than other alternatives to mass-market perfumes and colognes, which can often be simply a cheap grade of fragrance oil designed for use in scented candles diluted in denatured ethanol. We have looked at the more negative comments our competitors have, including that the packaging / bottle feels cheap, that they don't last long orthe scent is quite far of the mark, or that everyone moans its too strong and wants you out of the room!

To make a quality perfume or cologne that feels right, is not as simple as adding the cheapest fragrance oil you can buy (got to maximise those profits) to alcohol.  There are extra cosmetic ingredients which ensure compatibility with your skin, there are diffusion characteristics to specificy (do you want to only smell it yourself or do you want the whole street to smell it as you walk by?), and adsorption/evaporation characteristics to consider (this is what causes an oily feel if you get it wrong).  

As a result, we are proud to say that our fragrances are:

  • Non-Oily
  • Long-Lasting
  • Optimum balance of strength and diffusion to give just the right fragrance experience for you and those around you.
  • Suitable for all Skin Types.
  • Cosmetically Safe & Approved With full declaration of allergens and ingredients.
  • Presented in high quality glass perfume bottles which reliably dispense a comfortable amount of perfume/cologne.  (They wont soak you with a single spray)
  • Made with Cosmetic Grade IFRA approved fragrances (these are a much higher grade of fragrance than would be used to make Candles and Cleaning Products).

Our Range

Our stock range is presented on this store.  However, we can source or create many designer-similar fragrances with a short turnaround for you.  If you want a particular fragrance, let us know using the "Not Sure?" link on the menu, and we hopefully will be able to get something made for you.

Our Promise

At Stratton & Farrell, which is a sister company of F-JAS LTD, we genuinely make our products out of the sense of satisfaction and desire to create good, quality products for our customers.  We hope you like our Perfumes and Colognes, and as always, if there are any problems, we are just a FREE phone call away.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to be confused in any way with the brand or product which inspires it.  The fragrances used are similar but not the exact fragrance of the genuine item. We use our own custom artwork, fonts and pseudonyms to ensure customers can not be confused into believing this product is the genuine item that inspires it. We give a clear link to the original authentic product as supplied by the manufacturer on each product page to ensure customers are aware of the product that inspires our fragrances..